Angel of Faith Counseling Center has a qualified Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist to provide a complete range of therapeutic services in English and Spanish languages, including:




Individual therapy focuses on two levels of need- the immediate and the long term. You’ll learn strategies to help you move through everyday stresses and symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, or painful emotions. Our therapists are available in person or virtually to accommodate to your Schedule.


We understand how important your relationship is with each member of your family, and we also know how tough family issues can be. Through family therapy at a New Reason Counseling Center, you and your loved ones can move past your issues and live harmoniously in the years to come. We actively help you and your loved ones to improve dynamics and connectedness with family therapy sessions.



Over your years as a married couple, underlying issues can fester. Serious issues, such as infidelity and broken trust, can seem insurmountable. Our experienced therapists will work closely with you and your spouse to improve communication, to address lingering or serious issues and to move forward happily and harmoniously. Our pre-marital counseling, which, like family therapy, can help you and your significant other to identify important issues and concerns that should be addressed openly and before you finalize your commitment.


Kids struggle for a variety of reasons including life or family changes, struggles at school, learning problems, divorce, grief, loss of a pet or many other reasons. Kids can often act out and display behavioral problems and when you ask them "why are you acting like this?" they simply can't tell you! They are not trying to keep it in they just don’t have the words. Sometimes children go through phases, sometimes they need more structure, hugs, information, discipline, and sometimes just more time to grow.



A collateral participates in therapy for the purpose of assisting the patient. In psychotherapy, the role of a collateral will vary greatly. In the benefit of the client, a collateral is usually a spouse, family member, or friend who participates in therapy to further the treatment interests of the patient.




In the parenting class, you will learn a variety of evidence-based parenting strategies that you can use to build the best possible relationship with your child. Parenting classes are developed around how you can cope with your child’s development, different types of parenting and discipline styles, how to use effective communication with your child, and how to deal with constantly changing feelings within you and your child. These classes provide you with the right resources to help evolve and better your skills and educate you on different techniques to use at home when communicating with your child.


Co-parenting is when both parents work together as a team to raise their children, even after the marriage or romantic relationship is over. Co-parenting classes are not designed to judge parents or manipulate their parenting styles. They are research-based courses that are developed to teach divorced parents how to communicate, reduce tension in their relationships, and help their children feel loved and accepted.

Teacher With College Students Giving Lesson In Classroom


Anger management classes are psychoeducation interventions that focus on helping people learn how to identify anger triggers and manage complicated feelings in a healthy, productive way. Anyone can benefit from anger management classes. The communication and coping skills learned during anger management impact work, relationships, and quality of life.

Domestic Violence Classes

Domestic violence classes are made up of counseling and education. In these classes, you will learn about the effects of abuse on a victim and abuser, why abusive behavior occurs, and how you need to change in order to avoid becoming violent and/or abusive again. You will learn useful skills like anger management as well, so it could help you in many different areas of your life. At A New Reason Counseling Center our goal is to equip you with the tools to live a peaceful joyful life.


Substance Abuse Classes

By definition, substance abuse refers to excessive use of a drug in a way that is detrimental to self, society, or both. This definition includes both physical dependence and psychologic dependence. Addiction in the brain happens when the pleasure circuits in the brain get overwhelmed, in a way that can become chronic and sometimes even permanent. This is what's at play when you hear about reward “systems” or “pathways” and the role of dopamine when it comes to addiction.

Support Groups

A support group provides an opportunity for people to share personal experiences and feelings, coping strategies, or firsthand information about diseases or treatments.

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