The non-profit organization Angel of Faith is dedicated to providing health services to children.
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Welcome to Angel of Faith

We provide specialized psychological help to children, adolescents and adults. We are committed to the mental and emotional well-being of our users. Consequently, we dedicate our efforts to providing comprehensive and personalized care, in an environment of trust, respect and professional ethics.

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Our Counseling Center

People who attend a psychology professional do not necessarily have psychological illnesses or disorders. The reality is that any person who requires psychological counseling in order to solve a problem, or who intends to develop personally, family or socially, can go to these specialists.

There are multiple reasons why a person may turn to these professionals. In many cases it is because it makes it difficult for them to manage emotions, thoughts and feelings. Therefore, it becomes easier for them to formulate ideas and reflections that they can contrast and talk about them with a person who can listen to them, offering support without judging them.


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